Sunday, December 11, 2011

Danilyn's Scribe Post

Page 148. Question 4.
(1) binder= $4.99******
(2) binders= $9.98 ($4.99 multiplied by 2)
(1) math set= $3.99
(1) backpack= $19.99
total= $33.96
5% (GST) + 7% (PST) =

(adding on 100%= 112%)
112÷100= 1.12%(you could rotate it sideways to get the fraction version, but for this scribe I prefer using decimal sentences) Percentage multiplied by total 1.12% multiplied by $33.96= 38.0352 (round it up)
38.0352 = $38.04


Page 149. Ques
tion 7.

Calculate 10% of 100 to find the first year (100%÷10=10%)
What you do to the o
ne side you always have to do to the other side, if you are dividing the
100(%) with 10, you would have to divide 100(caribou) by 10 also. Since it said increasing, you would have to add both of your tens (percentage and caribou) to your totals (100 on both percentage and caribou)

So far: 110 caribou = 110% (First Year)

Next, calculate 20% of your new whole (new whole (whole= 100%))= first year. first year= 110 caribou). This is another way to sh
ow my explanation, yet this way might be more space taking on some explanations****

100 % = 110
then divide by 10
10% = 11
then multiply by 2
20% = 22

Now, we move onto a)

To find the population after the second year (meaning, the total caribou you have calculated on both first and second year) You would need to add the first year total (which was 110 caribou) to the 20% (which was 22 caribou) increase we had on the
second year.

110 + 22 =
132 After the second year, the total population for the caribou is now 132.

Moving onto
To explain why there wasn't a 30% increase over those 2 years is because both of the years don't have the same whole. During the second year, we have switched the whole(the whole=100%) (100- during first year) into (110- after first


Page 150. Question 7.

a) 0.4% (decimal= explosion) =

b) 12% =

c) 115% (more than "100") =

Here is a video on finding percents.
Anyone kind enough to give me a link to a game? Please?

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  1. Great job Danilyn! Usually I would tell people to use some colour in their font and bold the most important words we needed to see, but as you could see, you already did everything I expected! For different questions and answers, you used some sort of pattern to separate them, and I found it very cool because at first I didn't know what that was, but I finally understood what you did afterwards. I liked how you showed your work for both pictures and the typed work because it makes it extra understandable. For page 150, number 7 a), I really liked how you used the "zoom in" trick Mr. Harbeck taught us and also coloured in the grid with a coloured pencil instead of highlighting or just shading it in with a regular pencil. You did everything really great and impressing, but the one thing I would just have to say is when I clicked your video, there was a tiny error opening it. Other than that, Danilyn Sanchez did a terrific job. Keep it up! (=