Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jason's Percentage Post

A herd of 100 caribou was moved to a new location. The population increased be 10% the first year, and increased be 20% the second year.

a) Find the population after the second year

b) Explain why the percent wasn't 30% increase in two years

There wasn't a 30% increase because you are finding 10% the first year and then 20% of 100 + 10% . ( 20% of 110 )

Arjay was thinking of buying a car worth $23 000, but delayed purchasing the car for a year. During that year, the cost of the car increased by 3.2%.

a) What was the price of the car when Arjay purchased it?

b) What was the total cost of the car including 5% GST and 5% PST?A.)

The Car price went up by $690 so it is now $20,690.20B.)With tax it is worth 26,059.22

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