Sunday, December 11, 2011

Marlo's Scribe Post.

Pg 150 number 7.
A herd of 100 caribou was moved to a new location. The population increased
by 10% the first year and then increased by 20% the second year. a) Find the population after the second year. b) Explain why there was not a 30% increase in population over the two years.
B.) There wasn't a 30% increase because on the second one it was based on the first one with the 10% increase.
Copy and complete the following table. Use 5% GST and the percent of PST applicable to where you live.
Pg 149 number 8.
Pg 149 Number 9
9. Arjay was thinking of buying a car worth $23 000, but delayed purchasing the car for a year. During that year, the cost of the car increased by 3.2%. a) What was the price of the car when Arjay purchased it? b) What was the total cost of the car including 5% GST and 5% PST?


  1. Great job Marlo! I liked how you typed down your questions and then showing your thinking and work using pictures to show the effort you put into doing this blog post! Some of the pictures are a little blurry though, especially the first one. To make it stand out more, maybe you should have added colours and bolded out the words or answers. I also liked how you organized your questions by titling the answers by page number and also numbered them so we could get a clearer idea of where you got the question. Maybe next time though, you should maybe type out your total answer on the bottom of the picture or next to the picture? Or for page 150, question 7 b), you should have put for our PST, that our PST was 7%. Your scribe post was very well done, but the last thing I suggest is for you to put a video and maybe possibly a helpful link or game link. Keep it up! (=