Tuesday, February 14, 2012

philips pythagorean post

1.The Pythagorean relation ship is the relation ship between the sides of the triangle

2. a + b = c the side length of the triangle
12+5= c
144 + 25=c
169 =C

3.a + b = c no the triangle isn't a right one.
8 + 6 = 11
64 + 36 = 121
100 = 121 nope

Q#1 what are the areas of the three squares.-92-(4)

Q#2 carmel want to mount a 18cmx18cm picture on a square board that is 4 times the area of the picture.

Q#3 the hypotenuse of the triangle cuts the circle in half.
what is the diameter of the circle. Express your answer to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.
a + b =c
7 +5 =c
7x7+ 5x5 =c
49 + 25 = c
74 =c
8.6 =c

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  1. Good job Philip! your information is pretty good! i wish that you had some pictures so we can see how you did it also a video! but thats okay. Overall decent job :p