Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Scribe 1: 2, 8, 15 a, 16 a, 17, 20

Before you go on, please
take the time to read how to work out
square roots and it's meaning.

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  • *The square of a number can be thought as the area of a square.
  • This is one way of finding the factors of 225 because you can also have it 15 x 15.
  • I chose to do 9 x 25.
  • I found the Prime Factors of 9 which was 3 multiplied by itself.
  • For 25, the Prime Factors were 5 multiplied by itself.. (5 x 5=15).
  • I then used a basket after using the Line of Factorization and made the basket so that each basket had an even pair.
  • 3 x 5 = 15, so 15 x 15 = 225!
  • I then showed how it would look like using a square and it's sides.
  • The square root of 225 = 15, which also equals the square root of 15 squared = 15.

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  • I know that to make 144, you can square the number 7 by itself to get your answer.
  • The square of a whole number is a perfect square because if you used 1 block for every unit in the square and had groups of 7 by 7, the length and the area of the square would be the same.
  • I found the Prime Factors of 12 which is 6 and 2. (6 x 2 = 12)
  • Then I found the Prime Factors go 6 and got 3 and 2. (3 x 2)
  • I boxed in the Line of Prime Factorization and then made a basket using those numbers just to get a clearer understanding.
  • This resulted into a perfect square.
  • Since there is no number that can be multiplied by itself to get 60, I divided 60 to get 30.
  • The Prime Factors of 60 would be 30 and 2.
  • I knew that 3 x 10 would equal 30, and that would be a Prime Factor for that.
  • Finally, I took the number 10 and divided it again to get 5 x 2.
  • The Line of Factorization did not all have even sets of numbers if you would put it in a basket, therefore it is not a perfect square.
  • Again, I know that there is no square number to make 40, so I just used the prime numbers 5 and 6. (5 x 6= 40)
  • Then I knew that 3 x 2 would make 6.
  • The Line of Factorization would be 5 x 3 x 2, which means you can't basket the numbers evenly.
  • 40 is not a perfect square.

- ------------------------------------------- -

  • For 15 a), since I knew that 7 x 7 would equal 49, I used that as my Prime Factor.
  • Notice that 7 x 7 makes a Perfect Square.
  • In the second example I showed how I got the area, which is just side x side.
  • When you prime factor a square you can find either side lengths or square roots.
  • the square root of 49 = 7, which also equals to the square root of 7 squared, which is also 7.

- --------------------------------------------------- -

  • For 16 a), I just found the Prime Factor for the number 9 which is 3 and 3.
  • When you multiply 3 by itself, it makes a Perfect Square and equals 9.
  • Next I just showed how it would look like in pictures.
  • You multiply the sides to get your area.
  • The square of a number can be thought as the area of a square, which in this case is 3.
  • The square root of 9 = 3, which can also equal to the square root of 3 squared = 3.

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  • For this question, I know that there are no square numbers that can equal 54.
  • Note: A square of the number is the number multiplied by itself.
  • For my explanation picture, instead of a square number, I just divided 54 to get 27.
  • 27 x 2 = 57
  • From then on I started looking at it's Prime Factors.
  • Finally, I used the line of factorization.
  • *If you square root the number 57 on the calculator, it will give you an answer of 7.348469228.

- ---------------------------------------------------- -

  • For a), what I did was multiply the numbers on the side (9 x 4 = 36) because I know that sxs= area. The answer would be 36m2.
  • For b), I first used my calculator to find out what the square root of 36 was. I got the answer 6, so for that, I know that 6 x 6 makes a perfect square and equals to 36.
  • The boxed numbers are the Line of Prime Factorization.
  • I also used a basket after to help make it more understandable.

- ---------------------------------------- -

Here is a helpful video for a better understanding:

*Sorry if the video is confusing at the end!
Here is a game you might want to play in Mangahigh that is really fun ;)

THANKS FOR GIVING YOUR TIME AND EFFORT INTO READING THIS! Help me out if I have made any mistakes :)




  1. Nice job on your post Kim. Everything's well organized and that's good and I like that you took the time to write on paper even though you could of done it on word. The video's helped me and so did your post. Keep it up.

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  4. I am speechless! Good job Kim! Your blog is preposterous(amazing). I liked how you used different colours to represent the solution for that number or letter. I liked how your pictures were very clear, neat and easy to sympathize(understand) . I also liked how you made your pictures your own that makes them unique and one of a kind. I adored when you actually describe in a very descriptive way how you got the answer, what you used or the steps to get the answer and it is very logical(understandable). The used of the font, colours, spaces and others were good. Also, as I read your blog and the description I did not see any mistakes.....
    I loved how you put in an italic bold font to take your time to know what square root and other words means! The video and especially the game HELPED ME a lot. The video is really good because it shows what Mr.Harbeck taught us today and it shows everything and how to get the square roots of the numbers. Once again kim, GREAT, FANTASTIC and MARVELOUS job.

  5. WOW Kim smh! This blog is actually amazing like its not even funny. I love your pictures because it explains what you are doing. Also you have the right colors because it makes only somethings stick out that are important. I like how you took it step by step and your video is also very helpful. Way to go KIM :)

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  7. Kim, everytime i read and look at your scribe posts, it's always PERFECT! They're very catchy.(: It is VERY understadable. It makes it even more understandable because of the colors, bolds, fonts. I really like the fact of putting the meaning of main subject on the top. When i look at the picture of number 8, the very first thing i noticed was the prime fractorization of each numbers and i saw the prime factors of 144, 3x2x2x'32'x2. On the first place i was confused, because 32 is not a prime number. And then i looked at the top of it and it says 6x2, now i know that you meant...3x2... I also noticed that it says.. 40 then 5x6 then 5x3x2, but isn't that 30?..anyways, i love the way you explained your answers in point form step by step, explained it using pictures and words. The pictures are organized and easy to understand, the box that you put around the numbers helps them be like that. i like really like the game from MangaHigh. AWESOME JOB!

  8. Good Job, Kim ! I really liked your blog-post, because you took your time and effort to do it. I liked how you made all the important facts bold or change their colors. I also liked how you took us step-by-step on how you got the answers to your question and you just didn't give us the answer, so it could be more understandable. And the video was great too. All around great job, Kim !

    Nicole P.8-73

  9. Nice Job, Kim. The pictures you did is very understandable. You really explained it well, and it helped a lot. At first, I couldn't understand the square root, but when I read your explanations, it all makes sense now! And the video, She showed why can't 98 be a perfect square and why can 25 can be a perfect square. I didn't really played the game you gave us, but I bet it's really fun and it well a lot of people. I'll play the game after school so I can understand more. I like how you made the important words in Bold. And I don't think you made any mistake. Good Job, Kim. Keep up the good work!

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    On 8a) I think you missed out on a multiplication symbol on 3x2x2x3_2x2(line of prime factorization). The link on mangahigh is really good, it's very easy to understand the instructions. You did great on this scribe post!

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