Monday, March 12, 2012

Ashton's surface area and volume post

alright so for this blog it will be a little different for my work i made them into videos here are the links

the rectangle
the triangle

And the cylinder

And if that dont work for you go to youtube then search superthebigv (that is my youtube account so the videos shuold be in my history) i also accept subscribers =D
music by
Simple plan-I'm just a kid
Linkin park-papercut
please enjoy all videos.
Ashton Vinet 8-73

you almost forgotted the Volume part

here is the link:
pretty boy swag-soulja boy

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  1. I like how you did yours with videos. I like how you added music to it. Maybe add pictures next time, or a video from somebody else on youtube. Also, maybe add the work into the text, and make different colours. Just a suggestion, overall it's really good. Keep it up.